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Onga plans a world record feast in Ghana

Records are made to be broken and Promasidor Ghana plans to do just that with a Guinness world record-breaking feast. Onga, our No.1 seasoning brand, will be used in all the dishes gracing the feast table. The current record for the longest feast table is 1 508 metres (that’s over 1.5 kilometres!) and we plan to beat it.

Not only is our objective to break the world record, we would also like to thank Ghanaians for making Onga Shrimp tablets the No.1 seasoning brand in the country by inviting 4000 people to the feast. The event will be promoted through four social media platforms: Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram, where consumers will be chosen to attend the event. Recognised groups, such as the Police Women’s Association, the Market Women’s Association and homes for under-privileged children will also attend the feast.

The event will be held in Independence Square in the capital Accra, also known as the Black Star Square, on the 25 March 2017. A number of caterers have been drafted in to prepare the food for the 4000 plus people expected to attend the event. A local TV and radio station will also cover the feast.

According to Guinness World Records (GWR), the table needs to be “one unit”. To achieve this herculean task, an experiential company, EXP, has been contracted to construct a table that complies with GWR rules and qualifies for the longest feast table ever. For more information, or if you would like to attend the feast, keep an eye out for Onga Ghana on social media platforms.

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