Powder Seasoning

Just sprinkle the amount you need to stir up instant Onga taste.

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Powder Seasoning

Acting as Mama’s helping hand in the kitchen, Onga dry stock seasoning is made from the finest herbs and spices and is is guaranteed to add great taste and aroma to any meal. Our Onga powder seasoning is used nearing the end of the cooking process to make a saucy gravy or add colour to your dish.

Available in a range of flavours which include classic, stew, shrimp, royal, chicken and 3 mix (a savoury blend of garlic, ginger and onion), each sachet of Onga seasoning powder is equal to two stock cubes. To meet the varying needs of our consumers, Onga is affordable and available in convenient packaging sizes: a 5g sachet and a 50g economy pack. You can use Onga with pretty much any meal to enhance its natural flavour, simply dissolve the powdered seasoning into the dish during preparation.

  • Product Features
    • Instant powdered formula is a blend of: Herbs & spices, salt & flavour enhancers.
    • Versatile flavour range.
    • Great Onga aroma.
    • Rich colour for different dishes.
  • Consumer Benefits
    • Offers convenience. Just sprinkle the amount you need over the food during cooking and stir up the great Onga taste!
    • Dissolves easily allowing for even distribution and just great tasting meals!
    • Goes further and lasts longer because you can control the amount you use for each meal.
    • Enhances almost any dish (meat or vegetarian) with a superb Onga flavour and rich colour, guaranteed to keep friends and family coming back for more.
  • Distribution
    • 5g single use sachet
    • 50g economy sachet